«Barys Arena»

Address: Республика Казахстан, г. Астана, проспект Туран, 75

The official site: www.hcbarys.kz

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Ice arena of Barys hockey club is multifunctional sports facility, which is able to accept different sports competitions, concerts, meetings, forums and soon.The number of seats reaches 12.000 at the main ice arena. It’s transformed in to field for basketball, volleyball or mini football as well as for boxing ring or stage area in a short time.“Barys-Arena” was opened on August 8, 2015 with the participation of Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. There were held hundreds of hockey games of Continental hockey league, Youth hockey league and Kazakhstan’s national championship; women’ Olympic qualification preliminary round; Kazakhstan’s MMA championship and fighting show “Battle of Nomads”; women’ world boxing championship; basketball games of VTB United league; big theatrical performance “Mangylyk Yel”, concert of famous rapper Timati and others public events.VIII international hockey tournament “Kazakhstan President Cup” will be held at the “Barys Arena” in August 2017. Also there will start games of 10th KHL hockey season for “Barys” team.

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