«Dostar Serty» musicall

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Location: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Date: September 1 - September 10 

Time: 19:00

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«Dostar serty» is an exclusive Kazakhstan product that has been created without the participation of foreign experts and artists. «Dostar Serty» musical was produced in the shortest possible time - during two months. The work consisted of daily hours-long practices of artists and orchestra, production of decorations and properties, costume preparation, etc. As a result we have a bright, witty, accessible performance. The plot has used some tinges of sadness to make a contrast with overall cheerful content.

At the heart of «Dostar Serty» musical lies a story of friendship between four young people. The story is told through the 63-year-old character Marat. His monologues-memoriescreate the story line of the play and transmit the audience to the 70s of the last century. The style design of that time is surprisingly fresh and original. Popular retro hits are organically involved into the plot. They are songs of outstanding Kazakhstan composers - Shamshi Kaldayakov, Nurgisa Tlendiev, Yeskendir Khasangaliev, as well as songs from the repertoire of «Dos Mukasan» VIA. In addition, the musical uses the song of «The Beatles» («Girl», «Can't buy me love»), and author's vocal and instrumental compositions of Arthur Orenburgsky, made in appropriate musical style.

According to the genre «Dostar sertі» is a lyrical comedy about pure love and true male friendship. The ups and downs of the plot develop with increasing dynamics and get isolated in the traditional happy end, which coincides with the culmination of the work.


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