The concert of the Kazakhstan Republic State brass orchestra


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Location: «Astana Ballet» Theatre

Date: August 2

Time: 19:00

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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There is reason to believe that excellent performance of State Brass Band led a number of Kazakh composers to a global audience. Now, more than 30 scores of Kazakhstan authors were published in European countries. The CDs of the State Brass Orchestra were already released in Vienna, Taiwan and in our country. Many remarkable foreign conductors and musicians from Russia, Germany, USA, France, England, China, who have performed with the orchestra, noted the high professionalism of the musicians, impeccable intonation and virtuosity, perfect coordination of the group, rich timbre of the sound, and its extensive repertoire. Artistic director and chief conductor of the band is the honored worker of Kazakhstan, Professor KanatAkhmetov. Conductor of the State Brass Orchestra is Honored worker of Kazakhstan Alexander Belyakov.

Age Category 5+


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