Premiere of the G.Mahler"s symphony No.8

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Location: «Astana Opera» theater,

Date: July 21

Time: 20:00

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

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The program «Expo-2017» will hold concerts, which can reveal the level of intellectual art. All of those concerts can be grouped under the general name «The Great Music of the Great Steppe». This is going to be a concert of traditional folk music and symphonic evenings. Cui of philosophical content for dombra and kobyz carry the wisdom of the ages, making the listener think about the world and humanity. An important event of the concert will be the performance of the 8th grand symphony of an outstanding Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. Listening to this intellectual music can make you understand the nature and history of the world, notice how much it changed and change yourself with the music. The Eighth symphony got the catchy name «Symphony of a Thousand». The author emphasized a truly universal scale of his work: «It seems that the sound begins to ring and the whole universe starts playing: it is not only human voices anymore, but it is also the sound of the planets revolving and the sun ... ».The plan demanded the composer to attract huge funds: enlarged symphony orchestra, two mixed choirs, boys' choir and soloists - three sopranos, two altos, tenor, baritone and bass.



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