Tours of the Republican German Drama Theatre. The play «Scenes from Faust»

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Location: «Astana Ballet» Theatre

Date: July 12

Time: 14:00

Duration: 1 hour 20 min

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Playwright: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Director: Natasha Dubs

In German and Russian

The eternal struggle between good and evil, the incurable strive for understanding oneself and the surrounding nature, love and death, loyalty and betrayal, and, ultimately, a desperate attempt to understand your own place and meaning in the endless roaring ocean of life – this is what has made the legend of Doctor Faust so attractive to people of different ages, generations and mind-sets for centuries. This truly all-encompassing story reflects, as in a mirror, the most contradictory traits of a man’s nature. «Scenes from Faust» is a new interpretation of Goethe’s immortal Faust. A breath-taking combination of modern choreography, plasticity and drama in Russian and German accompanied by the grand music by Igor Stravinsky produces a vivid, mystical and unforgettable performance without missing the philosophical depth and immensity of the original text.

Age Category 16+


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