Tours of the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M. Lermontov. The play «Woe from Wit»

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Location: «Astana Ballet» Theatre

Date: August 23 

Time: 19:00

Duration: 2 hour 30 minutes

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A.S. Griboyedov's comedy «Woe from Wit» is still popular these days. As a golden thread all over the book you can notice the main idea of the work, which points the main problem of the modern society not as the fight of views and beliefs but as their total absence. A person is described as somebody irrational, who has absolute self-obsession and no ability to think and feel. The attempts, to make right decisions for people who are unable to think clearly and live independently, as a rule, are unsuccessful. The written in the monologues play will be presented in unusual, sharp and unpredictable performance by the already familiar characters. Liberal interpretation of the original source will allow to get rid of any canons driven by any related literature and by all preceding theatrical traditions. It will give audience a chance to look at the events from the different point of view, and to put themselves to the positions of the main and supporting characters. This show will change anyone’s emotional feelings and general opinion of the story and its characters.

Age Category 12+


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