Republican festival «Onerіmіz sagan, Kazakhstan!»

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Location: National-culture complex Ethnoaul

Date: August 22

Time: 19:00

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Republican festival of ethnic groups is the representation of the perfectly mastered Kazakh national art «Onerіmіz sagan, Kazakhstan!». The event is a comprehensive promotion and development of arts and culture of the Kazakh people, discovering young talents among ethnic groups who have perfectly mastered the Kazakh national art, the strengthening of friendship, unity and patriotism of the people of Kazakhstan. Another important purpose of the event is the determination of the best performers of the Kazakh national art among ethnic groups in Kazakhstan. The gala concert will include performances of the best representatives of the ethnic groups living in our country. The show will mostly consist of Kazakh songs, dances and kui. Also, the event will invite the rising stars of Kazakhstan stage, the winners and laureates of many international and national competitions and festivals.


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