M. Jarre ballet «Notre Dame de Paris»

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Location: «Astana Opera» Theater

Date: August 20

Time: 18:00

Duration: 2 hours (1 intermission)

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Ballet in 2 acts and 13 pictures.

The product of «Astana Opera» in cooperation with the Foundation «Ballet Roland Petit» (France).

Ballet «Notre Dame de Paris» by Maurice Jarre. The author of the libretto and choreographer Roland Petit (based on the novel by Victor Hugo). Scenography by Rene Alliot, costumes by Yves Saint Laurent. Resumption of choreography by Luigi Bonino’s Assistant - Gillian Uitingam. Music by Arman Urazgaliev. The premiere of the show was held on December 11, 1965 at the Paris Opera. In 1844, Jules Perrot has staged the ballet «Esmeralda» based on the novel by Victor Hugo. But Roland Petit returned to the original title to authorize his reading: «I want the audience to forget about Middle Ages and feel the depth of the tragic created by Victor Hugo». This time, the plot spins not around beautiful Esmiralda but around another character Quasimodo. The choreographer and also the performer of the main character did not use any special costume and make-up. Instead, he created his hump by the «dance». You can notice the true transformation of Quasimodo - from the dog's loyalty to his «boss» Claude Frollo to the heroic attempt to save the innocent Esmeralda and revenge for her death. The perfect classical dance beauty of the «Notre Dame de Paris» ballet gets contrasted by sharp grotesque, filled with modern plastics. This monumental tragic play also intricately combines harsh reality and fantasy grim. And if the «Esmeralda» of 19th century could not be possible without the happy end, the story of severe 20th century ends with miserable and lonely Quasimodo. The famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who created the costumes for the play, shocked the Parisian beau monde, by dressing the heroine in miniskirts, which were not very popular in those years. But he was sure that white-lilac mini dress was the dress for beautiful Esmeralda. The show was a victory for Roland Petit and his team of directors. Almost immediately after the premiere «Notre Dame de Paris» became a classic of world choreography.


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