Asian karate-do championship

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Location: Sports Complex «Daulet»

Date: July 13-16

Time: 11:00



14th Senior Karate-do Asian Championships and 16th Kadet and Junior Karate-do Asian Championships will take place in Astana in July 13-16, 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Mayor's Office of Astana. Competitions will be held in sports complex «Daulet», organized by the «Asian Karate-do Federation (AKF)» and ALE «Union of Karate-do federations of the RK».

The competition will be attended by the 1000 strongest athletes from 35-37 countries of the Asian region. 70 sets of medals will be awarded.

Karate-do is an ancient martial art that originated in Japan.

In modern history of karate-do (WKF), in August 2016 at the Congress of the International Olympic Committee was included in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 sports program.

The audience, in addition to the competitive part of the Asian Championships, is waiting for the opening ceremony, which will briefly acquaint our guests with the cultural heritage and traditions of the Kazakh people, and also demonstrate a unique feature - the multi-nationality of our country.


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