Yevgeny Brusilovsky «Kyz Zhibek» Opera. Outdoor performance

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Location: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Date: July 5

Time: 22:00

Duration: 2 hours

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Libretto by Gabit Musrepov

Music Director and Conductor – Abzal Mukhitdinov, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan

Set Designers – Sofia Tasmagambetova / Pavel Dragunov

Choirmaster – Yerzhan Dautov, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan

Choreographer-Producer – Mukaram Avakhri

Projection Designer – Pavel Suvorov (Russia)

Lighting Designer – Sergei Shevchenko (Russia)

The first Kazakh opera «Kyz Zhibek» created 83 years ago was immediately recognized as a gem of the national musical art. The renowned playwriter Gabit Musrepov based the libretto on the eponymous folk lyric and epic poem about the tragic love of Zhibek and Tulegen. The music was written by composer Yevgeny Brusilovsky, who actively used Kazakh folk songs and kyuis, as well as works by folk composers such as Ybrai, Mukhit, Zhayau Mussa and Tattimbet, and adopted the European art of instrumentation and harmony to the Kazakh music.


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