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Location: National-culture complex Ethnoaul

Date: August 21 – August 28

Free entrance


Within the framework of «Expo-2017» International Exhibition, The First World «Kokpar» Championship is going to be held in Astana, during the period between August 20 and August 28. The event is going to be attended by more than 150 athletes from 15 foreign countries.

Kokpar is one of the most popular Kazakh games (goatskin or fight for goat carcass), which is common not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Central Asia. It is a national sport game, which tests the dexterity, strength, courage, and daring of the participants.

This sport is getting more and more popular, because it is the only game sport that can claim to unite the countries of Central Asia. The old game revived after the independence of the Central Asian states. As a result, there was established the International Sports Federation, which included not only the republics of the region, but also representatives of China, Pakistan, Turkey and even France.


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