International festival named after Shamshi Kaldayakov «My Kazakhstan»

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Location: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Date: September 3

Time: 18:00



Shamshi Kaldayakov is an outstanding composer, performer of folk songs, poet, honored worker of Kazakhstan culture, one of the founders of modern Kazakh estrade, and laureate of state awards.

His songs are distinguished by amazing melody, sonorous sound and fascinating lyricism. His creative achievement was that he was able to connect the melody of Kazakh pop songs with national style. The fabulous combination of the tradition of the past and the real demands of the present has ensured the grandiose popularity of the works of Shamshi Kaldayakov. Today, many of his students continue the tradition of their master. And, as before, the songs of his style are still easily perceived, and carry joy into people's hearts. This international song festival of S. Kaldayakov is a confirmation of this fact.

The main purpose of the festival is to develop the Kazakh song culture, and also to propaganda of the Kazakh composer's creativity.


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