Audaryspak World Cup

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Location: «Kazanat» racetrack

Date: August 16 - August 18

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Audaryspak World Cup will be held at «Kazanat» race track in 2017 years 16-18 August in Astana. Over 60 sportsmen from 15 foreign countries will participate in the event.

AUDARYSPAK – one of the most widely spread national sport in Kazakhstan extended both here and abroad. This national sport game requires agility, strength, courage and prowess of participants. This game is extending both in Central and Middle Asia and worldwide. Open Asian Audaryspak Championship was held in 2014 in Astana which involved sportsmen from 11 Asian and European countries.

Asian and international tournament champions will participate in the World Cup: Birzhan Kossaliev, Syrym Izbassarov, Tuimebek Zhamaliev, Yernazar Baigonov (Kazakhstan) and others.


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