L. Minkus ballet «Don Quixote» in the open air

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Location: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Date: June 25

Time: 22:00

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

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Ludwig Minkus DON QUIXOTE

Ballet in 2 acts (5 scenes) and a Prologue

Choreography by Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky

Staged - Altynay Asylmuratova, People's Artist of Russia

Assistants choreographer - Constantine Zaklinsky, Honored Artist of Russia / Elena Sherstneva

Music Director - Arman Urazgaliev

Designer - Ezio Frigerio (Italy)

Costume - Frank Skuarchapino (Italy)

Artist from projections - Sergio Metals (Italy)

Lighting -Yakopo Pantani (Italy)

In 1869, M. Petipa created a ballet based on the story, adopted from Cervantes's novel Don Quixote. Having travelled extensively in Spain, the choreographer got interested in the spirit and folk dance traditions of this country, and managed to bring their richness and originality to the stage. However, Petipa, like many of his predecessors, used only two chapters from the second volume of this great literary source, which tells about the failed marriage of the rich Camacho (in the ballet - Gamache) and the beautiful Quiteria (Kitri), beloved of the village boy Basilio. In late December, the Moscow Big Theatre premiered the comic play, where only Dulcinea performed pure classical dance, and other heroes performed character dances. In 1871, Petipa created a new version of the ballet for the premiere at the Big Kamenny Theatre in St. Petersburg. In 1900, Alexander Gorsky staged a new production of Don Quixote. He kept the scenario plan and the foundation of Petipa’s choreography. A. Simon’s Spanish Dance and E. Nápravník’s Fandango were added to L. Minkus’s music. Gorsky made a great contribution by organizing the crowd scenes in a new way to avoid ‘any traditional symmetry’. K. Korovin, A.Golovin and N.Clodt's innovative scenography was also a success. This was the performance that became a classic example not only for the Big and Mariinsky Theatres, but also for many theatre stages worldwide.


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