The exhibition of the arms art from the funds of the State Hermitage

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Location: The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Date: July 3 - September 20

Time: 15:00

Duration: 2 months

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In the period from 3 July to 20 September 2017 at the National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held the exhibition of arms art from the Hermitage collection, on the occasion of the International specialized exhibition «EXPO-2017»

The aim of the exhibition: to demonstrate to the visitors arms art development stages from the funds of the Hermitage, to present the art works created by the labor and talent of artists of the past, to give an idea of its distinctive features, to demonstrate many forms and types of weapons, to tell about the centers of production and a famous master-manufacturers.

The exhibition will introduce visitors to the unique samples of weapons, over the years stored in the Hermitage. The exhibition will present about 70 items of arms art of the East and the West. These are battle, hunting and parade arms from Turkey, Iran, India, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and others. The chronological framework of the exhibition covers a wide time line from the XV until the end of the XIX century.

The exhibition gives an opportunity to evaluate the contribution made by armourers to the development of arts and crafts, as well as demonstrate on the best samples their technical perfection and rich artistic decoration. These items have lost their practical purpose long time ago, but their dignity convincingly evidence the talent and skill of armourers of the past.


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