The Absolute World Championship on kazakh kures «alem barysy»

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Location: Ice Palace «Barys Arena»

Date: September 7-8



The international tournament Alem barysy will be held for the further strategic advancement and popularisation of the national sport «Kazakh kuresi» at the world arena that assembles famous paluans(wrestlers) the Ice Palace «Barys Arena» in 2017 years 7-8 September in Astana from all over the world.

Kazakhstan declares to the world about its uniqueness and sport traditions thanks to not only fantastic achievements from Olympic games, but also the high levels of the support and development of conventional and national sport types one of which is Kazakh Kures.

The national wrestling is rapidly gaining its popularity in the world after holding the international tournaments «Alem barysy» and «Eurasia barysy» and the number of the Kazakh kures fans constantly grows.

It is expected that the strongest athletes from more than 60 countries will participate at the colossal sport events of the ancient wrestling art.


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