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June 15, 2017. Astana. The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the JSC «Kazakh әuenderi» with the participation of the actors of the theater «Astana Opera» will stage the grandiose opera by G. Verdi "Aida" in the open area in front of the Palace of Peace and Accord. The area at the Pyramid will turn into a theatrical stage, and the auditorium will be directly under the open sky. The performance will be held within the cultural program of the international exhibition EXPO-2017.

Opera «Aida» of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi has gained worldwide fame. It is spectacular and large-scale performance, in which a human drama unfolds on a colorful background of monumental mass scenes, lavish processions, dances and hymns, full of acute collisions. G. Verdi his music exalted the spiritual beauty and moral stamina of Aida and Radames: their love stands all the trials, not retreating even before death. Opera sounds like a hymn to high human ideals.

- This performance-holiday is included in the list of events «EXPO-2017». The audience is accustomed to the fact that the opera only sounds in theaters, the opera is in the open air - a fairly new genre for the Kazakhs. The main goal that we pursue, changing the site, is the attraction of young people, the popularization of high art. Spectacular performance «Aida» will unfold at the foot of the Palace of Peace and Harmony - the Pyramid, which will become a living decoration of theatrical production. Among other things, the decoration of the stage was made according to the sketches of the outstanding stage designer and contemporary director Franco Zeffirelli, - the organizers said.

The title role of Aida (slave, Ethiopian princess) will be presented by Honored worker of Kazakhstan Zhupar Gabdullin. The party of Radames - the head of the palace guard - is preparing to be performed by the invited Bulgarian tenor Kamen Chanev, his Kazakh colleagues will embody vivid images: the king of Egypt (the pharaoh) - Bolat Esimkhanov. Amneris - daughter of the pharaoh - Honored worker of Kazakhstan Dina Hamzina, Ramfis (high priest) - People's Artist of Armenia Barsegh Tumanyan. Amonasro (king of Ethiopia, father of Aida) - Honored worker of Kazakhstan Talgat Musabaev. The «Astana Opera» symphony orchestra will perform under the leadership of the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov.

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