Sector of «National traditions and customs»



Location: Ипподром «Казанат»

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«Ұлттық салт-дәстүрлер» секторы

The rich culture of the Kazakh people has kept many traditions and customs, honored and passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The traditions and customs of Kazakh people that harmoniously combine and complement each other, permeating all stages of human life:the birth of a child, pregnancy and childbirth, wedding, post-wedding period, marriage, parenting at different stages of development, customs of hospitality, especially reception, the organization of different events and a variety of aspects and spheres of life will be shown in this sector. They are «Shildehanatoyi», «Besikkesalu», «Sundet toy», «Nauryzmerekesi», «Kyzayttyru», «Kudatusu» etc.