Sector of Oriental market «Zhibekzholy»(«Silk Road»)



Location: Racecourse «Kazanat»

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Sector of Oriental market «Жібек жолы».

On the territory of Kazakhstan, the Great Silk Road took its origin from the borders of China. Merchants transported silk, weapons, medicines, rice, as well as exotic products for those times, such as the tusks of elephants through the Kazakh steppes to the west, to Europe. Steppe rulers offered their services to ensure the security of trade caravans instead, they were requiring a certain share of goods or ringing coins. So, that is how traders, who wereovercoming the huge Kazakh steppes, appeared, they’ve arranged stops that were turning into a caravan-sarays and those in turn to mutually beneficial trade area. In this sector, a place for trading will be allocated - a market, which will include retail shops of that time.