Sector of “Military art and traditional forms of hunting”



Location: Racecourse «Kazanat»

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Sector of «Traditional forms of hunting».

Since ancient times, the brave warriors, clever and artful riders were revered in Kazakhstan. Martial fights of warriors served as a measure of skill possession of weapons, strength and courage of a warrior. In this sector, the guests of Etnoaul will be able to get acquainted with the basics of the ancient martial art of Kazakh nomads, which represent the art of the mandatory possession of five kinds of weapons of the warrior - "Bes karu", and learn the basic skills of "Zhekpe-zhek" and “Audaryspak” - Kazakh-hand combat, also get acquainted with practical skills to shoot arrows from a bow, saber fencing.In addition, on the territory of Etnoaul, guests will be able toget acquainted with one of the integral parts of life of Kazakh people - traditional forms of hunting. Hunting has been known in the steppe since ancient times and occupied an important place in the life of the nomads, whose secrets were passed from generation to generation. This sector will also be equipped with a nursery, which will showcase rare national types of hunting dog breeds such as, "tazy", "tobet" and rare birds of prey such as, eagles and falcons.