“Restaurant of traditional Kazakh and Oriental cuisine” sector



Location: Racecourse «Kazanat»

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Sector of «Restaurant of traditional Kazakh cuisine».

On the territory of Ethnoaul, "Restaurant of traditional Kazakh and Oriental cuisine" sector will be located. In this sector, a "kitchen" and some separateeating places in the form of yurtas and tents will be located. "Kitchen" - a large dome, where specially invited chefs will be preparing Kazakh dishes based on traditional recipes, under the constant supervision of specialists. Here, guests will be able to watch the culinary processes and learn the essence of the national Kazakh cuisine. The most refined palates will be offered meals of national cuisine (kymyz, shubat, ayran, bauyrsak, kurt, іrіmshіk, zhent, nauryzkozhe, kazy, karta, beshparmak, kuyrdak, zhaya, shuzhuk etc.). All meals will be served by the Kazakh customs.